Common Mistakes Homeowners Make when Building a New Home

Building a new home is always a dream come true for many homeowners. However, with poor planning, it can become a nightmare. In Australia for example, the process of building new homes must involve thoughtful decision making to help the project flow seamlessly.

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Common Mistakes

Acting as your own general contractor

Thinking of a knock down rebuild project? Well, you may have heard that all new homes are the same and what is needed is just hiring a roofer and a plumber for you to save 10% on the entire cost of the building project. This move is wrong in all ways. First, remember you don’t have a professional relationship with all subs such as the concrete finishers and the plumbers.  Subs work under general contractors and not homeowners. With a general contractor, the sub knows that workflow will continue. Therefore, should a building emergency occur, they will abandon your one-time project to attend to the demands of their general contractor. Secondly, most subs will cut corners and use inferior building materials with the absence of a general contractor.  Finally, you do not have the professional know-how of determining the quality of the project done. Note that any minor or major error made in the foundation will cost you thousands of dollars down the road.

Choosing a builder without checking their professional background

For a quality duplex design, only choose a competent duplex builder by checking the professional background. In Australia, there are both highly qualified Melbourne builders and those that are only in business for the money. With the right techniques, you can get home builders that have a passion for their craft. Professional builders treat every project with personal interest, are accessible, and keep the homeowner updated throughout the building process.

Poor Space Planning

For new homes, poor planning can lead to inconvenient, wayward, and disastrous mistakes. When building a new home, space planning and design is crucial. Do you need an oversized walk-in closet in your master bedroom or would you rather have the extra space in your master bath? What details are important in your new project? Put your habits and lifestyle into consideration.  Remember a perfect set of plans is worth its weight in gold.

Scaling down on quality

Every homeowner wants to save money and will find a bargain where they can cut back on expenses. In many cases, that is prudent. However, this clever means must never apply to cutting corners with new construction. If a homeowner can only accomplish the dream of achieving a large home by compromising quality, the new home will end up with low workmanship and inferior materials. In the long run, the home will wear down quickly and affect the resale value.

Making alterations after building plans are finalised

The moment the architect gets the seal of approval from the engineer, changes made after that, however, minor can trigger a domino of problems. Each time changes are made, the engineer will be compelled to revise the drawings to ensure the alterations are accommodated. This will add up costs and time.  Ensure that the planning sessions give a plan that appears as you want in terms of layout and space. Until you fully understand what is laid out on paper, the project should not start.


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