Costs You Need to Prepare for in Sunshine Coast Real Estates

There are immense benefits that come with investing in real estate at a coastal location. You will stand to benefit from excellent returns on investments, a reliable source of income as well as free accommodation when you decide to go on a vacation. The tourism Australia Visitor Statistics report that there were 7.0 million visitor arrivals in Australia for the year ending in March 2015, an 8% increase when compared to the previous years. With such a great number of arrivals, what would make any potential investor not to consider Sunshine Coast real estates?

Sunshine coast real estates

You can buy a beach house and then rent out when the season peaks. While there are many benefits one can derive from a real estate investment in Sunshine Coast, the costs to run and maintain such properties are also inevitable. This article offers some insights on the cost that investors should prepare for.

Buying Cost

A beach front location automatically adds up to the premium. This is when you compare with properties that are located in areas that don’t border the coastline. The good thing, however, is that while the initial cost for a Sunshine Coast property investment can be quite high, the benefits that accrue afterwards make it totally worth it.

Borrowing Costs

Compared with a property that is occupied by the owner, the mortgage interest rate for a vacation property investment tends to be relatively higher; more so for beach properties which contribute to their high prices. It’s therefore, likely that a buyer may need to seek other financial options such as loans to offset these costs.


Other than mortgage, utility and cable bills, there are other bills and operational costs that come with the territory of investing in Sunshine Coast real estates. First, there is the tax that will definitely be high owing to the high value that property investment Sunshine Coast wide is accorded. If you invest in a beach house investment property, then you will incur costs for marketing, advertising and hiring people to market your property when the season peaks. Check out Henzells

Property Management

There are other costs of managing a property that have to be factored in too. For example, when the heating and cooling systems breakdown, they will need to be fixed. There are also costs for  grounds keeping, painting of the house, maintaining the roofs, gutters which will also need to be looked into. For Sunshine Coast real estates around the beach, costs for building inspection have to be factored in as they are vulnerable to wear and tear as a result of sea floods. Additionally, unless you intend to manage your property by yourself all year around, you will need a property manager on your payroll.

One of the biggest investments a person can make is investing in real estate agents Sunny Coast currently has to help you with your purchase. Just as there are numerous benefits to be reaped from Sunshine Coast properties, there is equally a fair amount of cost that you will need to be prepared to take care of.

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