Effective Methods of Pest Control Revealed

The Sydney Pest and Animal Control Research team revealed on 2nd July 2016 that close to 50 percent of the households are invaded by pests. This is because the dirtiness and carelessness associated with the pest control procedure make many people try to manage the spread of these pests on their own. The reality is that pest invasion in any household is no longer discriminative, and it can attack any type of household. Among the most invading pests are bedbugs, termites, cockroaches and aphids which never spare anything lying on their way. Many victims of pest invasion perform pest control in Sydney using chemicals; however, they are not sure of their efficiency.

Understand the science behind pest control in Sydney

Pests are different and not all the households in Sydney are invaded by the same type of pests. Owing to this, only the chemicals meant to kill certain pests can work on that particular pest and any attempt to use a different chemical will not help. Professionals start by examining the kind of pests in a house and their intensity of invasion before deciding what kind of chemical to use. Through this analysis, the pest controller is able to determine the amount of doses to apply and the type of chemical to use.

The tricky part of the procedure for pest control in Sydney is the fact that these pests have different growth stages in the same place. Chemicals are designed to stop a particular stage of the pest growth. A pest controller must apply the whole combination of chemicals to completely eradicate the pests from the place of invasion. Chemicals are available for the egg stage, larva stage and the adult stage for you to ensure that you have maximum pest removal. All you need to do is identify the stage and use them appropriately. People make mistakes by killing only the adult pests, leaving behind the eggs, which hatch and release new pests.

Traditional ways of pest control that people can practice

If you don’t have access to the chemicals, you can use some home remedies to control the pests. The best one is by removing all the invaded tools and equipment to expose all the surfaces so that you manually kill the pests. You can use the harsh detergents like Dettol and Jik to clean all the possible invaded areas. You need to repeat this procedure severally before you become successful in the mission.

After you have managed to clean the surfaces, boil the water to hundred degree celcius. While hot, pour it on the fissures and cracks or inner places where eggs of the pests could have been produced. Hot water denatures all the eggs leaving no live egg behind. This means that no further pests are going to be hatched, and your house will be safe. These traditional methods work only if you devote yourself every day to perform the procedure. Remember, pests that are re-invading a place could be resistant to chemicals due to mutations and adaptation, but they cannot be resistant to hot water and thorough cleaning.

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