How to Determine the Budget for Bathroom Renovation

It’s true – taking on a bathroom renovation project is expensive. The fixtures and materials you need for the project are what add up to the cost. But it is possible to do the renovation on a budget; you simply have to plan the project carefully to ensure that you can achieve your dream bathroom without paying a hefty amount.

bathroom renovation

To help determine the right budget before undertaking bathroom renovations in Melbourne, here are key factors to look into:

Bathroom Size

This is the primary factor that will impact the cost of your bathroom renovation. Obviously, a large bathroom will cost more to renovate than a small bathroom would, regardless of the type of renovation you intend to do. It is for this reason why most homeowners put off renovating their bathrooms until such time that they have enough money to cover the cost. It is also important to hire a trusted contractor who won’t overcharge you for the project, especially in terms of the acquisition of the bathroom fixtures and renovation supplies.


Time is another crucial factor when planning to undertake cutting-edge bathroom renovations & extensions. If you have a tight deadline and want to rush the job for a certain time frame, then you should expect to pay more for the project. Aside from the need to work over time, the need to hire more people to perform the renovation job is going to impact the cost of bathroom renovation project.


This is closely linked to another factor that will be touched on later. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, you must decide if you are going to replace your old bathroom fixtures with new ones, or you are simply going to do minor fixes. Whatever your choice is, this will impact the materials you need to work with. You can also tap the help of a professional contractor to identify the best places to shop for a budget bathroom renovation supplies and materials.


So, you might have browsed the internet for design ideas for your bathroom. But have you considered the possible cost associated with adapting that particular design? The complexity of the design will determine the materials and fixtures you need, as well as the amount of time it will take for the construction team to work on your new bathroom design. For best results, choose contractors with lots of experience on cutting-edge bathroom renovations Melbourne has to offer.


And speaking of a contractor, the cost of hiring one for your bathroom project will largely vary. Some contractors are more expensive than others. There are several factors that determine why some contractors are more expensive and that includes any of the following: experience, reputation and license. Make sure you have taken all factors into account before choosing which contractor to hire to ensure quality renovation job.

With this information in mind, you are now ready to sit down and write down your plan and budget for the bathroom renovation project. If possible, come up with a budget range rather than specifying a particular amount. This will provide more flexibility in terms of finding a contractor and re-creating the design you want to adapt. Visit them online at

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