How to Make Your Deck Last for Several Years

Since your deck is located outside of the house’s main structure, it is often neglected when it comes to care and maintenance. But your deck is still a part of your house so you need to invest on caring for it to last several years. It is a great spot to welcome guests in (especially during summer) or for your family to gather around in. Hence, it serves an important purpose in the house, which makes it all the more important to properly maintain it. Professional deck restoration and repairs are not inexpensive but absolutely necessary to keep your deck looking its best.
You can try to handle deck restoration and repairs on your own, but professionals will give you the best results. Exposure to the elements such as rain and sun can contribute to the deterioration of the materials, as well as its structure and aesthetic value. Here are some preventive measures and tips to deal with the damage:
Water Damage
Wood is the number one material used for making outdoor decks. This material is vulnerable to developing molds and could get rotten with excessive moisture. Following a rainstorm, water can penetrate through the wood and into the nails or screw holes. Even after the rain has passed, moisture could remain inside the wood and keep it damp for a long time. When wood is damp for an excessive period of time, it becomes vulnerable to damage.
Modern construction companies use higher standard of woods that are capable of resisting damage from moisture or rain. But professional deck restoration and repairs companies would recommend re-sealing the wood every one or two years (depending on how much rainfall you get in your area). This will keep the moisture from the outside from seeping into the wood that will eventually cause the structural deterioration.
Sun Damage
Aside from the rain and water, the heat from the sun can also be damaging to the wooden materials of an outdoor deck. Too much heat and direct sunlight exposure can cause wood to fade. Moreover, it can keep the material looking dull. When the heat completely dries out the wooden boards on your deck, it also becomes more susceptible to retain water when it rains.
A deck brightening solution can help restore the vibrancy of the wooden surface on your deck. Staining the wood is another good idea especially when paired with a weatherization product. This will not only restore the beauty and vibrancy of your wooden deck but also protect it from the elements. If you have no idea which products to use, it is best to hire a professional deck restoration company to achieve a uniform finish and sustainable result.
Caring for your deck is not as easy as it seems. Thankfully, there are professional companies you can hire to take care of your deck on your behalf. This is a simple investment with a huge payoff in the long run. If you can maintain your deck, it can also add to the overall value of your property.

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