Skylights Cutting Off Electricity Bills

No other decor change surpasses skylights. You get a home with natural light and healthy ventilation. Reduced energy bill consumption, with minimal heating and cooling needed, and a more homey, vibrant abode with magnificent views are welcome guarantees. Sky light Melbourne specialists properly install these ‘windows on the roof’ so you get their amazing benefits.


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Velux is a Danish company’s name. They’re world-known when it comes to ‘windows on the ceiling.’ Now, it’s just another popular term for roof windows and skylights. Velux windows truly give you the most natural light anytime of the day because they don’t fall into shadows. For your convenience, these skylights come in remote control options for hard to reach places. They also automatically open and close depending on the weather. Many homeowners love them because nothing drastic needs to get done to their roof’s structure.

Fixed or Venting Units?

Skylights had been around for centuries in one form or another. Still, the question remains for sky light Melbourne designers and suppliers on which is better. The answer is not always as clear-cut as expected because a lot of things need to get considered. Here are some facts that’ll help:

* Vented skylights may get opened and closed to allow, prevent or minimise the air coming in. Expect a manual or remote control operation for these. They are highly recommended for any area in houses and offices. Bathrooms and kitchens, where ventilation is always needed, are the highly suggested locations.

* Fixed skylights cannot be opened or closed. Simpler and cheaper, they may give limited ventilation if vents get put in. You’ll get a remote control so you may close the venting system or open them when needed.

Minimizing Bills

Making your home more aesthetically appealing, these roof windows Melbourne has for consumers today are in 16 or 24-inch sizes that save you tons, in the long run, in electricity bills. Consider these two factors to maximise skylights’ energy bill slashing capabilities:

* The climate you have. In colder climates, skylights should make use of the great amount of daylight for natural heating. Likewise, in warmer climates, you need skylights that would let air go through your house, with specialised skylight covers to limit the heat of the sun’s rays.

To balance skylights’ performance with mandated windows: If you already have many windows in a room, skylights should never take more than 5 percent of the floor area. However, if you have few windows, skylights should only be within 15 percent of the room’s floor area.

* Put your skylights where you’ll get the most daylight hours, so you can put off switching on the lights as late as possible.

Skylights facing north give you constant but cool lighting. East-facing skylights give the most light and heat in the morning. West-facing ones assure afternoon sunlight and heat, while south-facing skylights give passive solar heat during winter. However, this means you have to live with the unwelcome heat in summer. Remedy this with skylights that have special glazing to help control heat gain.

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