Small Bathroom Renovations – Less Cost, Same Comfort

In an interesting report recently released by the Housing Industry Association, it is estimated that a record 4,29,400 bathrooms will get built in one year 2015-16 throughout Australia. This figure represents a steep increase from the previous years. It has to be admitted that a large part of this number would be newly built bathrooms, but according to the details provided in this report, the number of bathrooms coming up for renovations is also quite substantial. It is being pointed out that when the residential unit is between 10 and 20 years old, the bathroom renovations are usually undertaken and the study, based on which this report has been released, corroborates the numbers for households with that kind of history. The trend is also moving towards small bathroom renovations with the designers spending their energy and skill in coming up with better utilization of the ever depleting space, particularly in the major cities.

small bathroom renovations

‘Small is Beautiful’ is the Mantra

The major driving force, naturally, is the paucity of space. As cities expand to accommodate more and more population, the cost of vacant plots goes up and a majority of people who would have gone in for a new home prefer to remodel their existing residential units into dual occupancy houses. This means a new house has to be carved out of the existing one with possibly taking some additional space available in the front or the sides. Even then, the designers will want to know from you if they can downsize the bathroom and include it in the small bathroom renovations plan.

The concept of a small bathroom does not necessarily mean any compromise on the convenience or the functionality. There are concepts like value engineering, and designers apply these to good effect to provide for the WC, the faucet and the shower cabin where even the storage cabinets can be accommodated. Your bathroom renovations Richmond contractor can also offer the same smaller-sized bathroom designs and deliver them for you. See more at CMD Bathroom Renovations & plumbing Services

Size Reduction can reduce the Cost as Well

Once you are convinced that the bathroom you will get to use now would not in any way be inferior or less convenient to use than the one you have been used to, the small bathroom renovations concept will look attractive to you from the cost angle as well.

In the medium term, you would want to look for some affordable bathroom renovations since you would already have a budget drawn up to spend on redoing the whole house. As long as the new design does not fall short of your requirements, you should give it a shot and sail with the trend in going with smaller-sized bathrooms. See more at CMD Plumbing.

If your bathroom is already small, and again you are looking at agencies, which can offer affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne wide, you can easily find the contractors to execute them for you. The costs are also kept lower if you don’t ask for shifting of the arrangement of the WC or the shower unit within the bathroom. That will entail additional costs in redoing the plumbing work and even the electrical connections.

The concept of downsizing bathrooms has been widely accepted in this country, and Melbourne might account for one of the highest numbers of small bathrooms getting renovated. Saving space at reasonable cost and not cutting corners with regard to the usability and comfort are always welcome.

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