Unfolding Beauty Through Make-Up

Among the leading beauty lines today, Illamasqua is one that has taken over the industry with the speed of lightning. This may be because the beauty brand promotes individuality and the uniqueness of every woman in the world. A woman has different needs when it comes to looking good and this brand offers the flexibility for every woman out there.

But just how important is make-up and cosmetics for women? Should this be the new natural look? How can Illamasqua help? So many questions when the answer may be simple. Find out.

1. Are you obsessing about Kendall Jenner‘s look recently? She is after all the latest “it” girl that every young girl wants to look like – simple, sophisticated, chic. As natural a beauty as she is, there is no denying that make-up plays an important role on how even more stunning she has become in media limelight. With the right use of make-up, her cheekbones are emphasized, her eyes transformed to a sexier look and her whole face in general has become picture perfect. Same goes with Cheryl Fernandez Versini who appears to look different with every stroke of the brush used. What makes their look seem effortless is the fact that the right tool and technique was applied to them.

2. There really is no such thing as a perfect face. What one sees to be beautiful and perfect, may not be the same to another – beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. So who is to say that someone with blood red lips and smokey dark eyes is not beautiful and normal? Brings back to the point, that what may be normal to someone isn’t to someone else. At St Albans fashion week, the explosion of make-up mostly inspired by the 1920’s is what seemed to be traditional and natural. Heavy lashes, colorful eye shadows and bloody red lips are what made the women the most beautiful of the night, thanks to the glam.

3. As Illamasqua believes in the natural beauty of women, there is an irony to it – a cosmetic brand that believes in natural beauty? Some may think how wearing make-up and becoming natural can be a possibility. This is what makes the brand so unique and fascinating, because it brings out what’s natural in every woman. When one applies make-up, it’s not to cover up, conceal or hide the flaws that are causing certain insecurities but it’s the other way around – make-up lets one express her true self. How a woman uses cosmetics, is how she perceives herself to be, how comfortable she is with that and at the same time, how she wants everyone else to see her. Read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmetics.

Today, we already live in the new world where there is no rigid standard to beauty (yes, we believe this while some say otherwise), there is no right or wrong on what should be worn or used and no telling what is traditional and normal. With that, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who knows herself, loves herself and not afraid to express all that.

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